Let us do all the hard work to get you the mortgage you need.

We Offer a Personal Mortgage Service.

Whatever type of mortgage you need, Adaptive Money can prepare a tailored mortgage recommendation that will suit your individual needs, circumstances and of course, your budget.

Adaptive Money are impartial mortgage advisors and have the freedom and independence to search the whole of the UK mortgage marketplace.

Our team of expert mortgage advisors are happy to call or meet with you at a day and time most convenient to you.


For every type of mortgage.

Residential Mortgages

It could be your first important step onto the housing ladder, you may be a home mover, or looking to re-mortgage.

Let us do all the hard work for you and get you the mortgage you require.

Buy-To-Let Mortgages

Whether you’re an individual, limited company, or have a portfolio of properties to manage, we will find mortgages and solutions for all types of landlords.

Holiday-Let Mortgages

Our team of advisers are highly experienced in this specialist area with access to niche lenders who understand the complexities of seasonal rental income.

Frequently Asked Questions.

There can be many benefits to using a mortgage advisor that is near to your home or place of work.

Should meetings be needed then these are likely to be convenient for you and often mortgage advisors can arrange to see clients during a lunch break or after their working day. Also you may find some of your friends or family have used a local mortgage advisor that they can then recommend.

For the most part, it should be possible for advisors to arrange your mortgage without the need for a physical meeting. Efficient use of technology and communication means that the work involved including the paperwork can be completed without actual meetings.

The primary role for a mortgage advisor is to find you the right mortgage for your circumstances.

To do this they first need to ask you some questions to be aware of your current circumstances and then what you would like achieve with the new mortgage. A mortgage advisor may also need to provide some education to clients on certain aspects of the mortgage, the process and any options available.

They will then search for the mortgage that best suits you and provide advice. Once agreed, the paperwork is completed & checked and submitted to the lender. Mortgage advisors, and their admin teams, will then spend time liaising with lenders as the mortgage processes to offer stage. They will then continue to monitor the situation until legal completion takes place.

It’s important to consider the types of insurance needed for your mortgage and mortgage advisors can also help with this.

Mortgage advisor will get paid differently depending on their employment status. Employed advisers will often have a basic salary and then bonuses or commission based on the mortgages they sell.

The company they work for will receive an income from the mortgage lenders as a commission payment for each mortgage and then a fee charged to the mortgage client. This fee is variable depending on how complex the mortgage requirement is.

Many customers find that it is convenient to have their mortgage arranged by their current account provider or a bank branch that is local to them. The overriding downside is that the bank can only discuss and recommend their own mortgage range.

There maybe better mortgages available that are cheaper and more flexible from another company.

Mortgage Calculator

Use our simple mortgage calculator to see how much you can afford. Please note that these figures are only estimates and you can always contact us to speak to one of our specialist mortgage advisors to discuss your needs further.

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